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I am Jennifer Annette Joan Murphy

It's my joy to connect with other beings. 

We elevate each other! 

I'm a working electrician in Los Angeles, California.  I have had more blessings than I could ever pretend to deserve. 

I work hard everyday to manage the symptoms of my bipolar and borderline personality disorders and to destigmatize mental illness. 

Congratulations are shamelessly solicited for my years of abstinence from alcohol! (Drop me a line! I love mail!)

I spend my free time spreading love, and working to improve all dimensions of my mental, physical, and emotional health.

I adore bicycles, dogs, and copper.

I completed a 5 year apprenticeship through IBEW to become a Journeyman Wiremen so that I can bring light.


I had a hard time picking a photo of myself because they're all so good!  ;)
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