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Thar Be Links!


Let's collaborate to create some fun, uplifting public art!

Join the group on Meetup for notices of upcoming planning meetings. 

The meetings are on Zoom.

Everyone who loves art or books or children should participate.

For the upcoming session of The Complaint Department I'm going to host a frank discussion about the state of my own mental health, what it means for my career and my future, as well as plans to court the Write In vote for the next US Presidential election. 


Southern California Lesbians!

Field trips are better than speed dating events for making friends!

We will court adventure!


Possible upcoming Field Trips.

Catalina Island
Berry Picking
Beach Combing
Museum Visiting

toothpicks sculpture.jpg

Mental health issues can be isolating.
Let's hangout on Zoom now and then. 
Everyone is welcome.

Adult Supervised

  • Car Detailing

  • Pressure Washing

  • Landscapng

  • Lawn Maintenance Services



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