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my crayonings


crayon drawings on various papers some made from references some from imagination, while the colors I chose often didn't precisely "match" what you would see in the reference material, but the colors somehow are there for me and you might enjoy seeing the way I see.


over the past several years


Mostly Los Angeles

I sometimes wish more people understood how genuinely gratifying it can be to deploy the humble wax crayons of our childhoods (hopefully they gave you the good ones; isn't it surprising how awfully disappointing off-brand crayons can be?)

Here are some of the ones I liked after I made them.
Why not keep a small 12 or 24 pack in your desk drawer?

Total Side note: I once purchased a teacher-sized pack of crayons. It had 24 colors and 50 crayons of each color.

(Yeah, I bought 800 crayons. So what?)

And the first thing I did is find out the average weight of a crayon based on weighing all fifty of each color and then dividing by fifty.

It turns out that on MY digital scale the mass of any individual standard issue Crayola is 5 grams.

But when you weigh 50 at a time and then divide by 50 you get more accurate masses and it turns out that counterintuitively the LIGHTER crayons tend to be ever so slightly heavier!

Isn't that incredible??

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