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Rain on the Five

Rain on the Five

One 13"X19" Print
Matted and framed with UV resistant glass.
Image displays online at reduced resolution. 

During the height of my manic episodes I am drawn powerfully to the color red.  The more vibrant the better.  I can't tell you how mixed my emotions are when I am manic while stuck in traffic, especially at night when the lights shine the prettiest.  (And don't get me started on the astounding effect of rain at night on lights!  What a feast of color and life and light.)  

I took this shot among a quick series while the car I was driving was actually stopped momentarily, and on review later of the few quickies I was able to grab I was drawn immediately to this one for the way the cloth enclosing the trailer's clings to its ribs suffering the indignities of the rain.  

I could never have planned the shot to look so satisfying to me, and I'm so grateful for the technology that allows me to produce this ability to share with you some aspects of the visual qualia that I experience.  

I personally love to imagine what the drivers of other vehicles on the roadways might be thinking.  They're all contributing something. Whether the value of their contribution is clearly apparent to you or I is immaterial.  They are each a Gift To The Universe, to me. 

  • Return Policy

    Purchasing fine art is a deeply emotional experience, a journey of the heart and soul.

    Please never feel compelled to possess art.

    If you find yourself wrestling with doubts or second thoughts about a piece, we gently encourage you to simply observe the emotion it evokes in you, feel the stirring of desire for the artwork softly fade, and allow yourself to be unburdened and at peace.

    We kindly remind you that all sales are final.

    This policy is in place to honor your bond with the art, and to ensure that each piece finds its true home.

    Thank you for embracing this journey with us.

  • Shipping is included.

    Shipping is included but  please let there be no implication of urgency.  We take the time to mat and frame each print to my specifications. 

  • Smaller format prints are available

    Contact for pricing and Series Edition counts at each size.  

  • No AI Pledge

    Aside from cropping, I have not digitally enhanced nor manipulated my images in any way and I pledge no use of ai in my art (other than whatever ai is built into my r6) or in my writing. 

    The exact cropping of the actual 13"x19" print may vary from the representation on this web site.  That is an anti-piracy measure intended to allow display of a truer quality of the image by ensuring that indistinguishable reproductions can't be produced from ripped images.


Every piece is cataloged by the artist for provenance and is provided with a  Certificate of Authenticity displaying a unique serialized holographic security feature.

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