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Shower door

Shower door

One 13"X19" Print
Matted and framed with UV resistant glass.
Image displays at reduced resolution. 

I have lived in the same house with my wife since 2007.  A few years ago I bought out her brother and became a part-home owner, myself!  Which felt fantastic, because even though I didn't get to select the house, still I was very connected to it from all the work I've put into it over the years. 


Of all the projects I have to say that work on the bathtub, shower, and shower doors have most persistently offered such vexingly stubborn problems.  I had to replace the originals that had been on since maybe the 70's.  There was a reason.  I'm having trouble recollecting it at the present moment, but it must have been compelling, mustn't it?

I replaced them a few years ago and thought that was the end of that.  It wasn't even a year before one of the little rollers dislodged and left the sliding door dragging on bare aluminum.  

So after recognizing that I could not source the proper replacement part, I decided to replace the doors again, alltogether.  

I won't bore you with all the details, but suffice it to say that in the end I ripped out my own last, failed attempt at installing the doors properly and safely and smashed the shower doors with an axe in my driveway, which felt great.  

I gave up on the strange single-minded solution of "restore functional shower doors."  I realized that there is a simple, inexpensive, effective solution for containing shower overspray!  One that NEVER requires removal of hard water stains. The humble shower curtain. 

Just before the sun went down and I cleaned up the glass I caught this image of the glass and me at peace with each other. 

  • Return Policy

    Purchasing fine art is a deeply emotional experience, a journey of the heart and soul.

    Please never feel compelled to possess art.

    If you find yourself wrestling with doubts or second thoughts about a piece, we gently encourage you to simply observe the emotion it evokes in you, feel the stirring of desire for the artwork softly fade, and allow yourself to be unburdened and at peace.

    We kindly remind you that all sales are final.

    This policy is in place to honor your bond with the art, and to ensure that each piece finds its true home.

    Thank you for embracing this journey with us.

  • Shipping is included.

    Shipping is included but  please let there be no implication of urgency.  We take the time to mat and frame each print to my specifications. 

  • Smaller format prints are available

    Contact for pricing and Series Edition counts at sizes with smaller dimensions than that available at maximum offered size.


Every piece is cataloged by the artist for provenance and is provided with a  Certificate of Authenticity displaying a unique serialized holographic security feature.

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